High Resilience Factor Inventory score - but still struggling?

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Have you noticed how some days you wake up
feeling resilient - able to tackle the challenges
and opportunities that come your way with ease;
and how other days it feels like you're swimming
upstream? Like your resilience tank is on Empty?

Here are a few tips to help you keep your resilience tank topped up - especially when you most need the extra fuel!

If you've been to Adaptiv Resilience Training, practice one skill that you learned in class every day. If you haven't been to class, try these:

  • Be skeptical of your thinking: What we think minute-to-minute has a huge impact on what we feel and do. Our thinking habits are powerful filters through which we view the world. The way things look may not be the way they really are. For instance:
    • If your first reaction when something goes wrong is to beat yourself up, you may be a "Me" thinker. Before you rush to judgment, try to find one possible cause of the problem that's due to someone else - or circumstances.
    • On the other hand, if you tend to point the finger away from yourself when a problem comes up, you may be a "Not Me" thinker. In that case, try to find just one possible cause that's more on you.

  • Never forget that most bad times are temporary. If you find yourself seeing a challenge you're facing as fairly permanent, you'll be more likely to give up trying to overcome it. And chances are, it's your thinking style that's informing you. Before throwing in the towel, try to find just one thing you could do to positively impact the situation.

  • After you've done everything in your power to address a situation, err on the side of positivity. There's compelling evidence that spending time in a positive emotion fills your resilience tank.

How do you stay resilient when your tank is on empty and the reserve light is flashing?

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