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Adaptiv offers two extensively researched assessments – the Resilience Factor Inventory® (RFI) and the Leadership Excellence Inventory (LEI). Both the RFI and LEI can be deployed in conjunction with Adaptiv training programs, executive coaching engagements, or as part of a related initiative. Learn More >>



Adaptiv offers research-based resilience training programs in live instructor-led and collaborative online formats. Each program is designed to create measurable improvements in mood, productivity and performance. Live programs can be delivered by our facilitators, or by yours via Adaptiv's facilitator certification process. Collaborative online programs are expert moderated and massively scalable.



People engage in Adaptiv Coaching for many reasons. Some of our coaching clients are high-flying executives who have lost their edge. Some have been identified by their bosses as destined for great things. Others are key members of the organization who are succumbing to years of stress. Still others are diamonds-in-the-rough who need to have their edges smoothed. Learn More >>

Resilience Workbook

Resilience Workbook

If you don't have time or budget for a deeper dive into Adaptiv's resilience content, the Resilience Workbook is a great place to start. Co-developed by Adaptiv and Korn Ferry, the workbook provides a link to the Adaptiv RFI, and a self-guided, introductory tour through our resilience skills. You can purchase the Resilience Workbook online and start on your pathway to greater resilience as soon as it arrives. Learn more>>




Resilience is a hot topic. If you're planning an offsite sales, leadership or corporate kickoff event, an Adaptiv keynote may be just what you need to get the year off to a solid start. We'll create content that's tailored to your meeting theme, hits all the right notes and gives your audience a quick boost to their optimism and resilience. Adaptiv keynotes are proven to be motivational, inspirational, and most importantly, effective. Contact us>>



When is a productivity/performance problem due to something structural and beyond the reach of training? On the other hand, when will a simple boost in competencies solve the problem? And most importantly - how do you tell the difference? Our consultant will help you sort out the systemic from the more malleable.  Then they'll design a solution that's guaranteed to get results. Contact us to learn more>>

Adaptiv is the world leader in research-based resilience assessment and training solutions. Adaptiv's programs are scientifically proven to help people change their mindsets for greater resilience, better bottom line results, and a clear path to greater success and satisfaction in both their work and personal lives.

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It was truly a pleasure to work with you to create and participate in this session. We appreciated your flexibility in customizing the program with great attention to detail for our managers at Bentley. It was so impressive to see how well the program fit our audience in both the content and delivery. Since we were able to record it we can now share the session with our global colleagues. The topic continues to be relevant, as we all need resilience to successfully manage change, and press on in challening times.

Erica Brim, Global Software Development Company


In our organization we were going through a series of transformations. There were merger conversations, outsource conversations, and quite a bit of challenging work for the leadership. The management team thought, we could help these guys out by putting them in some resilience training, and getting them some personal coaching to help guide the associates through this period of transformation.

Hector Torrens, Consumer Health Enterprise


Thanks again for your presentation yesterday.  Post-session, I heard employees speaking about their thinking styles and what they learned about themselves and each other from the session.  Good stuff!  I truly appreciated the time you took to get to know our company and adapt your presentation to our needs. You also delivered the materials in a way that really fit for our culture and created an environment which was comfortable and great for learning.  Quite a talent!

National Public Storage Company