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Adaptiv Learning Systems

Adaptiv is the world leader in research-based resilience assessment and training. Adaptiv's programs are proven to help people change their mindsets for greater resilience, better bottom line results, and a clear path to greater success and satisfaction in both their work and personal lives.

What Is Resilience? 

Resilience is the ability to bounce back and recover quickly from adversity or setbacks. People demonstrate resilience when they can face difficult experiences and rise above them. The good news is that resilience is driven more by a learned, skill-based set of competencies than by an inborn capability. The great news is that Adaptiv Training is scientifically proven to boost resilience for better results and performance at work and in life.

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Customer Testimonials

It was truly a pleasure to work with you to create and participate in this session. We appreciated your flexibility in customizing the program with great attention to detail for our managers at Bentley. It was so impressive to see how well the program fit our audience in both the content and delivery. Since we were able to record it we can now share the session with our global colleagues. The topic continues to be relevant, as we all need resilience to successfully manage change, and press on in challening times.

- Erica Brim, Global Learning & Development Program Manager Bentley Systems, Inc.