Adaptiv Assessments

Adaptiv offers two extensively researched assessments – the Resilience Factor Inventory® (RFI) and the Leadership Excellence Inventory (LEI). Both the RFI and LEI can be deployed in conjunction with Adaptiv training programs, executive coaching engagements, or as part of a related initiative.


The Resilience Factor Inventory - Individual

The Resilience Factor Inventory - Individual (RFI-I) is a 60-item instrument that measures an individual across the 7 Inner Strengths, or abilities, that together determine Resilience. Individuals receive a profile of strengths and weaknesses across these 7 factors. Participants in Adaptiv training courses take the RFI-I, where the results help them target the specific Adaptiv Skills that provide the maximum resilience boost given their specific profile. Arrangements can be made for other individuals in your organization to take the RFI-I as well. Click here to request access to a demonstration version of the RFI. (NOTE: The RFI Demo is only available to organizations considering implementation of an Adaptiv resilience assessment and training initiative. Individuals wishing to access the RFI should consider the Resilience Workbook.)

The Resilience Factor Inventory - Organization

The Resilience Factor Organization (RFI-O) aggregates the individual responses from the RFI-I across a given team or group. This enables our researchers to detect pockets of high and low Resilience within that group. You will receive a comprehensive analysis in an easy-to-understand format along with recommendations for interventions that will capitalize on the group’s strengths and boost its weaknesses.

The Resilience Factor Inventory (RFI)


Emotion Regulation

Keeping your emotions in check


Impulse Control

Keeping your behavior in check


Causal Analysis

Diagnosing and solving problems effectively



Belief in your ability to handle situations that come your way


Realistic Optimism

Belief in a bright future, but within the bounds of your reality



Identifying what emotions others are feeling


Reaching Out

Seeking out new opportunities, challenges and relationships


Resilience Quotient (RQ)

Average score across the 7 Resilience Factors

LEI Photo

The Leadership Excellence Inventory (LEI)

The Leadership Excellence Inventory (LEI) is a 55 item questionnaire that measures management and leadership effectiveness . Adaptiv’s research has identified 5 critical factors that distinguish between exemplary and ordinary leaders:

The LEI is a web-based tool that is quick and easy to take and provides immediate scoring upon completion. The scoring profile provides absolute scores on each of the 5 factors as well as a comparison of the scores to scores from a normative sample.

All 5 factors are key to excellence. Many outstanding leaders are strong on Integrity, Mentoring, Values, and Connection. But, hitting the maximum score on the Results scale often comes at the expense of the other 4 factors, so it is important to create a balance across all 5.

Although the LEI was designed to be used in conjunction with Adaptiv's Resilient Leadership programs, it might be appropriate for use in conjunction with your leadership development curriculum. Get in touch to see if the LEI is a fit for your needs.