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Learn how the Verizon management team was able to boost employee engagement, performance and revenue with Adaptiv Resilience Training. In this case study you'll learn how Verizon:

  • Reduced front line absenteeism by 7% 
  • Improved repair rates by 3% 
  • Improved install rates by 4% 

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Customer Testimonial

Thank you for bringing the Boost Your Resilience training to my leadership team. We were told that this learning opportunity would provide essential skills to help us feel better and do better at work – and beyond – and we certainly weren’t disappointed! The team was engaged, got a great deal out of the session, and have paid more attention to their emotions and thinking traps when situations get challenging. Thanks again for spending time with us and contributing in a positive way to our growth and development.

- Rhonda McMillan, Director of Operations, Take Care Health